Not a run for everybody but definitely worth mentioning. Only 10 kilometers outside Groningen there is […]
Oke, it is not Groningen but Appelscha (40km south west) but it is a touristic village, […]
Hoe vaak moet iets gebeuren voordat het een traditie genoemd kan worden? In december begonnen Wouter […]
14! Dutch citizens can vote for the general elections next week, so some people put posters […]
While running in the city I look around a bit, and see signs. Sometimes the signs […]
Lopen in Akkrum Na het belachelijke grote succes van de Marathon van Bilthoven heeft Wouter een […]
Leek is a village 20 km South West of Groningen. For over 30 years, there is […]
In deze dagen dat de marathons niet voor het oprapen liggen, is Wouter zo genereus om […]
Preview in new tab If just running is not enough for you, why not try plogging. […]
You go for a run or walk from time to time, but maybe even without realizing […]