My name is Lút. As I student I moved to Groningen and live in this city for 20 years now. Besides living in Groningen, I lived in Spain, England and Georgia.

I have two sons of 4 and 5 years old. I live with them and my wife in the Oosterpark, a nice district not far from the center of Groningen. I like various things next to running; cooking, playing xbox/playstation, listening music and going to concerts. I have a bachelor degree in Information Technology but nowadays I work as a bike messenger and give bicycle workshops at primary schools to show that cycling is fun and helps in a healthy lifestyle.

Running-wise I started with the 4 mile (6.4km), the big running event of Groningen. At that moment I really started to like running, and now I finished over 50 marathons/ultra’s, which my “biggest achievements” two times a 100 mile (161km) finish, and a 105km mountain run in Slowakia. Because of the running I (more or less:) know every street in the city and outside.

The idea of starting this running sightseeing in Groningen, is that it could be something I would have enjoyed when living abroad myself.